Diabetes Reversal In Kids

Revitalizing Childhood - Breath By Breath!

Vistar Gurukul is a project where we are initiating a commune accessible to every youngster. This Gurukul will have every method and tool to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment. The purpose is to maximize human potential for sustainable progression on the planet Earth. 

The project is conceived by Swamy Raj Vibhu ji who is a kumbhak Yogi and the science has been bestowed upon him by his Guru. He is already doing a lot of research and development in the area of reversal of chronic diseases, in addition to areas such as infertility, ras aushadhi, ayurveda, sungandhi chikitsa and spiritual sciences. 

The entry doorway to Gurukul:

Everybody lands at the same landing pad called Vinayak where they will learn a 9 step Sarva Siddha Kumbhak module.
After finishing this module in 9 weeks they will practice for 18 weeks and then they will go through a screening and diagnosis to get divided in to 2 separate batches- 


When does the class start and fee?

Classes Start from :

Regular Fee Rs 15000 only

Early Bird offer at Rs 12000 only

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