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Help your child thrive by learning essential mindfulness skills at Manas Mitra Kumbhak Bootcamp.

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Date:- 19th May 2024
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Our Story

Vistar Gurukul is an initiative establishing an inclusive commune for young individuals. Our mission is to build a community and make it accessible to all by fostering holistic healing practices and enrich physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Rooted to its purpose, Vistar Gurukul provides specialized programs for children with chronic diseases.  At Vistar Gurukul, we’re more than just a project – we’re a catalyst for creating exceptional individuals. Our approach integrates powerful techniques derived from the science of life, meticulously researched and discovered by the visionary Swami Raj Vibhuji. 

Your journey towards holistic healing begins here. Explore our programs, embrace the community, and embark on a path of self-realization. 

Swami Raj Vibhuji

The Mind behind Vistar Gurukul

As the mind behind Vistar Gurukul, Swami Raj Vibhuji brings his knowledge but also a deep understanding of the human experience. His teachings provide a roadmap for individuals to navigate life’s challenges and unearth their true potential.

Swami Raj Vibhuji’s vision is to foster natural therapy to cure any illness. With a blend of wisdom and insights, he paves a way for a transformative journey. Embark on a journey guided by a visionary behind Vistar Gurukul – Swami Raj Vibhuji.  

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Featured Programs: Empowering Young Lives

Discover our range of programs dedicated to supporting child health and well-being. Each course is designed addressing specific health concerns that children may face. 

Diabetes Reversal in Kids

Help your child overcome diabetes through practical lifestyle changes and natural healing therapy.

ADHD Reversal in Kids

Navigate Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with our easy-to-follow program.

Thyroid Reversal in Kids

Addressing thyroid imbalances in children, our program uses a holistic healing approach

Childhood Cancer Reversal

Our program combines holistic practices and ayurveda to nurture healing and resilience.

Autoimmune Disorder in Kids

Our program focuses on autoimmune disorder in children through simple dietary tweaks and natural healing techniques.

Chronic Respiratory Reversal

Our special program includes naturopathy, ayurveda and simple breathing exercises that helps cure respiratory conditions in kids


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